Our Services

Key Safety Management offer a range of safety solutions for your business. We can deliver tailored support designed to help you identify and manage risks and let you focus on building your business.

Safety training

We can deliver training programmes for business managers to promote safe behaviours throughout your company, starting at the top ensuring your senior managers lead by example and develop leadership behaviours for safety. We provide a range of safety awareness training, from error minimisation to basic radiological protection. We can organise specialist courses, for example first aid training courses.


Independent workplace accident and incident investigations

We identify the causes of accidents, and work with the client and key stakeholders, to identify solutions and cost effective preventative measures to reduce the risk of future accidents.


Risk management and advice

From general workplace and task risk assessments to specialist assessments such as radiological, respiratory protection, noise, and manual handling assessments bespoke to your business needs. We have a number of associates we work with for specialist advice including Radiation Protection Advisors and Mobile Crane Lift planners. We can also provide specialist services such as radiation and radioactive contamination monitoring.

Site inspections and audits

We are experienced auditors and can provide on site inspections, safety management system audits and duty of care audits.


Bespoke safety solutions

We can prepare documentation packages designed to help your business and employees have the right awareness, understanding and focus for safety and business efficiency, including;

  • Work instructions and method statements
  • Operation manuals
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Customised and unique safety posters tailored to your business

Please contact us if you have a particular need that we haven’t described above, and we will try and assist, or refer you to a specialist.

All services are provided on a standard day rate cost, following an initial consultation. Additional travel costs and expenses are charged when appropriate. For more information please get in touch.

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